Purple ribbonProject 20Teen is a non-profit organization founded by Douglas M. Cluff, M.D., after learning about the many recent advances in nutrition science (see below). Thanks to these exciting advances, resulting from decades of careful research, he now has great hope that America and other mostly-overweight countries will finally be able to turn the tide of the “diabesity” epidemic.

CampbellFuhrmanMcDougallEsselstynOrnish. PritikenWeilBarnard. And many others. The evidence produced by these pioneers in the field of nutrition far outweighs any evidence and reasoning to the contrary (produced by most proponents of diets high in animal-based protein). It is experts like these who outline the road to optimal health, and Project 20Teen was founded primarily on the same principles. Unfortunately, however desirable, few can or are willing to invest the time and/or effort necessary to achieve optimal health. The good news is that one can still achieve an excellent state of health by following most of their guidelines.

Dr. Cluff has long espoused a mostly plant-based diet; however, his professional life has been dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle more livable – in other words, finding that magical intersection between effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Thus the birth of The 4:1 Rule.

All the above authors/scientists agree that the more plant-based foods and the fewer animal-based and processed foods you eat, the healthier you’ll be. Dr. Cluff invites all health care professionals involved in weight management and nutrition counseling to familiarize themselves, if they haven’t already, with these works (especially the first three, i.e., The China StudyEat to Live, and The Starch Solution), and to focus specifically on the studies and reasoning that support a mostly plant-based diet, to the great benefit of their patients (and the nation) – and then join the charge.

For an excellent 96-minute summary of these principles, which is well worth the investment of time, watch Forks Over Knives. It will probably be the most valuable homework assignment you have ever had.


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