Dear Food Product Manufacturer:

We need your help!  Our Prime Directive is to make it easier to eat healthily, and YOU are absolutely key to this process! 

The solution to the United States’ (and beyond!) obesity and health crisis remains largely in your hands, and we implore you to leverage all resources available to you to improve the nutrition of your products.  Read our Home Page to learn how to do this, and then begin listing, posting, or labeling each item with its 4◊Score.  We will all be eternally grateful!  And, as you do this, health-minded people will buy more of your product(s)!

What would this accomplish?

The above strategy and efforts would make huge strides in helping us to reverse the “diabesity” epidemic, independently and drastically improving the health and extending the life of those most in need.  Read The Blue Zones to learn more.

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