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Goal:  1000 Amazing Recipes! 

Our goal is to develop a database of 1000 original recipes that meet The 4:1 Rule (see Specific GuidelinesAND are tasty, affordable, and simple. If we collect more than that, we will either keep adding or keep the 1000 top-rated ones! Vegan recipes will be appropriately marked.  

To send us an original recipe idea (for which we thank you!), click here.  

We (Certified P20T Auditors or CPAs) will review it, and if it meets the above qualifications, we will publish it. Please note that by sending us the recipe, you both guarantee that it is an original AND give us permission to use or publish it.

The main missionMeal planning of Project 20Teen is to make it much easier to eat healthily, as eating right is by far the biggest key to long-term health and weight management. Our goal is not only to make it easier to prepare your own healthy meals (that is the most sure-fire way to achieve your health and weight loss goals – see below for a few Practical Meal Planning Tips), but also to eat out and shop healthily, In summary:

To make it easier to eat right, Project 20Teen seeks to:

  1. Develop a collection of 1000 original, healthy recipes that follow The 4:1 Rule.
  2. Change our environment by encouraging restaurants and the food industry to develop menu items and products that qualify to sport the P20T logo (i.e. follow The 4:1 Rule).
  3. Give you practical tools and ideas to plan simple, healthy, tasty, and affordable meals (see below).

Practical Meal Planning Tips

There are a couple of rules to follow that will help you get started:

  1. Always consider The Four “T”s:  Type, Temperature, Texture, and Tint (color). Make sure you provide a nice mixture or variety of these things.
  2. To help you follow The 4:1 Rule, simply choose four items (of different temperature, texture and color) from the different types of plants: Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes, and Whole Grains. Then you can play with the “1” – if you are vegetarian/vegan, make it another plant, or you can fill it with “whatever.”

It’s that simple!  Buen provecho!


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