Turning the tide...Most agree that America is eating itself into the grave. Despite significant advances in science, it is projected that by the year 2030, over 50% of the population in 39 states will be obese. This and the resulting diabetes and other debilitating and deadly diseases will be unsupportable by our health care system.

The evidence is now overwhelming that the greatest key to long-term health and weight management is eating a diet consisting mostly of healthily-prepared plant-based food, and less animal-based and processed foods. The primary objectives of Project 20Teen (P20T) are:

  1. To make it easier to eat healthily by developing a database of original recipes that follow The 4:1 Rule of healthy eating, and are tasty, simple, and affordable; in addition, by encouraging (through various appropriate methods – not legislature) changes in the restaurant and food industries that reflect The 4:1 Rule
  2. To educate America, including physicians and other health care providers, about the long-term health benefits of a mostly plant-based diet, and the harms of a diet heavy in animal products and processed foods
  3. To partner with local, state, and national initiatives to accomplish the above objectives

We invite all who champion a mostly plant-based diet to unite behind a single banner. The improved health that can be achieved by eating a mostly plant-based diet will reduce or solve many current and future problems facing our health care system, in addition to significantly improving your health and happiness.

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